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In-Home Functional Assessments

Universal Design/Accessibility

Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Assessments


Universal Design/Accessibility

Universal Design/Accessibility assessments can help to identify practical solutions to modify your environment and enable you to easily get around your home, workplace or community.

Cornerstone therapists have an in depth understanding of the national building codes and barrier free principles as well as an understanding of medical and functional conditions which may affect a person's functional abilities.

Cornerstone therapists can work directly with architects or contractors to design independent, accessible, and aesthetic living spaces. Examples of home adaptations may include porch and stair lifts, exterior ramps, adapted bathrooms, and modified cupboards or kitchen work spaces.


  • Ease, safety, and independence for getting around the home, workplace or community
  • Allows clients to stay in their community
  • Enhanced ability to complete everyday tasks
  • Meet a Duty to Accommodate legislation
  • Meet your community's needs