An Employer

Cornerstone Occupational Therapy Consultants understands that employers are interested in ensuring the maximum safety and productivity of their employees. We provide objective assessments of clients and job duties to ensure employees are appropriately matched to job demands, to prevent injuries, help employees remain at work, or to make a timely and safe return to work after an injury or illness.

We have worked with large and small employers throughout Nova Scotia to provide services ranging from brief ergonomic assessments, to large scale education, and disability management programs. We have a proven track record that can help reduce lost time costs through reduced absenteeism, sick time, disability claims, and worker replacement costs. We understand the Duty to Accommodate and can ensure that your responsibilities are met with minimal disruption to work routines and other employees.

Cornerstone Occupational Therapy Consultants take a client centred approach and work with all stakeholders. All of our services can be tailored to meet your needs for the most cost effective solution.

As an employer, you may be interested in one or more of the services listed at left. If you require a service but do not see it here, please contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs.