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Functional Cognitive Assessment

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Functional Cognitive Assessment

Functional Cognitive Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of how a client’s thinking skills affect their daily activities.

This includes in-home assessment of the client’s functional cognitive abilities, including:

  • Narrative assessment and observation of the client in their home environment
  • Review of background/medical information if available
  • Combination of standardized and non-standardized assessments, customized to meet the specific needs of the referral source
  • Detailed report describing the client’s functional cognitive abilities and limitations
  • Miscellaneous including travel and follow up with the client and insurer as needed.

If the file review and/or travel are extensive, additional time may be billed.

Office based assessment may also be arranged if required.

Rates & Insurance Coverage

We aim to provide cost effective services for our clients. Many of our services are covered by employer or personal insurance plans.

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